This is the commandline currently used to call Rsync that's part of Cygwin 64 install.

rsync -aqHPR $CygSrcRoot/./$FolA1 $CygSrcRoot/./iMazing.Versions/Versions/$FolA1 $CygDstRoot/$DstCountFol --progress --log-file=$CygDstRoot/$DstCountFol"_Log.txt"

It utilizes the Relative path insights obtained from this QnA:

Working Syntax for Rsync Copy of a set of 2 or more Hard-linked Folder Trees while maintaining this specific archive structure?

While using the "concatenated path building" using a Bash/ Shell script (if required can update and post details it):


I'd like to execute this .SH script (I'm guessing likely under Bash), but I'd like to have it "call, use and execute" the Rsync.exe from CwRsync.

I have also made a duplicate copy of it in same bin folder & renamed it cwrsync.exe just to avoid a name collision under the Shell window.

PS: Do note, I am using ConEmu on Windows to run CMD & Cygwin windows for better usage.

  • I'm sorry, but yet again your question makes no sense to me whatsoever. Are you asking how to use a particular rsync instead of one that's in your $PATH? If so, why not use the absolute path to the executable? If that's not what you're asking please provide an example of what you're trying to do. – roaima Oct 31 '19 at 10:36
  • Oh, and if your last rsync question got an answer that helped you, please would you accept the answer. – roaima Oct 31 '19 at 10:38

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