I have a file that has a story contained in it, and I need to practice using either grep or sed. I have tried egrep -i '^w.' file.txt and it gets most of the words, but I need every word starting with w ("Paperwork" is invalid, "working" is valid).


Probably you'd need a regexp to isolate word start (\b) and recognize word characters, e.g. \S, see documentation for more. So you could use the command

$ grep -oE '\bw\S*' inputfile

With -o, the result will be only the matching parts, with each match on a new line (even from the one input line), and -E to be able to use "extended regex" (the same as using egrep).

A more strict "word" match might use [[:alpha:]] instead of \S:

$ grep -oE '\bw[[:alpha:]]*' inputfile

That would result in "words" (character sequences) in the English character set, starting with "w".

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