I want to extend a recent question which I have asked to remove french characters with a combination of find and rename:

Rename files and directories with French characters

Now I am facing some files and directories with a \ in their names which is not touched by the following command:

find . -depth -execdir rename -n '
 utf8::decode$_ or die "cannot decode $_\n";
 s{[^\w.\@+,#!?:&%~()\[\]/\\ -]}{?}gs;
 ' {} +

I tried to use \\ to target that name but it seems to be the incorrect way. The file naming I am talking about looks like that:

'Links '

$ls -1b

Those dir names are causing PHP Code to break. For example when trying to move a file inside a dir with that naming.

How can I enhance the given command to also target the described names?



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