Can someone explain what's going on here?

$ yum deplist institutional_sync-11.3.0-snap20191023.1247.202a207
Loaded plugins: auto-update-debuginfo, changelog, security
Finding dependencies:
package: institutional_sync.noarch 11.3.0-snap20191023.1247.202a207
  dependency: sqlcipher = 4.2.0-1
   provider: sqlcipher.x86_64 4.0.1-4
   provider: sqlcipher.x86_64 4.2.0-1
   provider: sqlcipher.x86_64 4.0.1-4
   provider: sqlcipher.x86_64 4.0.1-2
   provider: sqlcipher.x86_64 4.0.1-3
   provider: sqlcipher.x86_64 4.0.1-4

the sqlcipher is an RPM I created using fpm from upstream sqlcipher sources. Let me know if you need info on the sqlcipher RPM

$ rpm --provides -qp sqlcipher-4.2.0-1.x86_64.rpm
sqlcipher = 4.2.0-1
sqlcipher(x86-64) = 4.2.0-1
  • can you rpm -q --qf '%{epoch}:%{name}-%{version}-%{release}.%{arch}\n' package-name and -p package-file for each of these?
    – Rich
    Commented Oct 24, 2019 at 19:53

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Ok I think I figured it out. The sqlcipher in the provides list means it will provide any version I guess. This was my error when building with RPM, I specified --provides sqlcipher

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