I have a files FB_Dataset.csv simply contains 21 columns, whereas FB_Dataset.csv is a comma delimited file. The general scheme of FB_Dataset.csv is posted below.

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I need to extract the word 'Trump' (Ignore case) mentioned in the file and number of likes (10th column) greater than 100. And finally generate a new file with post_id (2nd column) and sorted like_count (10th column) and name it “trump.txt”.

I'm new to unix and learned that to extract the 2 conditions separately. The code would probably be grep -i -o 'Trump' FB_Dataset.csv for first condition and awk '$10 > 100{print}' FB_Dataset.csv for the second condition. What should i do next?

Thank you

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    Commented Oct 24, 2019 at 8:47

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If I understood correctly you need

awk -F, '/[tT]rump/ && $3>100' FB_Dataset.csv | sort -t, -k 3,3n > trump.txt

Searching for "trump" and numbers greater than 100 is done by awk, final sorting is performed by sort numerically on the third column (-k 3,3n). The switches -F, and -t, are needed to use comma as a delimiter.

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