I'm trying to create a 64GB LVM partition for my root volume.

lvcreate -L 64G volume0 -n lv_root

However, when I start gnome-disks the partition is listed as 69GB? Incidentially this is the same size I get using:

df -H

How would I create a logical volume that is 64GB in size rather than 69GB? Is this something to do with GB vs GiB or is this a quirk of LVM?


You're correct in your assumption that it is GB vs GiB. lvcreate uses GiB where as gnome-disks is using GB

64 Gibibyte = 68.72 Gigabyte

  • 64GB is 59.60GiB as you can't use floating point with -L I'd suggest creating it as mebibyte ie -L 61035M
    – DVS999
    Oct 23 '19 at 20:30

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