Is there a way too find if a drive is in /etc/fstab, without root? I want to know if I can run just sudo mount /dev/sdx and it will get the mountpoint from /etc/fstab, without running the command and before running sudo.

I found there's mount --fake (on GNU) but it requires sudo.

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    Is there anything preventing you from reading /etc/fstab/? My experience is that usually the permissions on it are 644. – Thegs Oct 22 '19 at 21:16

Usually /etc/fstab is world-readable, so you can just cat /etc/fstab and see if it's there.

The partitions may be listed in /etc/fstab by LABEL, UUID, PARTLABEL, or PARTUUID instead of by the device path. In this case, you might not be sure if any of the entries correspond to /dev/sdx or not. Running blkid /dev/sdx should show you this information about the partition, if you have permission. (Non-root users may need to be in the disk group, or whatever group owns /dev/sdx.) If you don't have such permission, you can still see what device e.g. UUID=aa1a69af-0bad-48b8-a659-95f1daceaceb corresponds to by ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid.

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$ stat -c '%a %A %n' /etc/fstab

is echoing:

644 -rw-r--r-- /etc/fstab

at least on Linux Mint 19.2 based on Ubuntu Bionic.

Every user on the system can read the fstab file (wiki).

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