I've managed to set up an Ubuntu 18.04 live usb with persistent storage (I have casper-rw and usbdata) but can't seem to save my settings and added software... Can anyone help?


I partitioned my hard drive on my Surface and installed Ubuntu 18.04 on that, I then mounted Ubuntu on the surface and downloaded mkusb. I used mkusb and created a live usb with persistence. I booted the usb and on the desktop it has casper-rw and usbdata but every time I relaunch it I lose my data. I've tried saving added software to casper-rw but the files are incomplete (it saves the folder but not the contents)... I hope this clarifies the situation.


I have sorted out persistent storage for added software (I remade the live usb and formatted the casper-rw file correctly) however I haven't figured out how to save settings (such as screen resolution and browser add-ons) and credentials (such as for wifi networks)...

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