I'm installing ONOS and following this guide: https://wiki.onosproject.org/display/ONOS/Developer+Quick+Start

I executed the command

sudo bazel build onos

This will compile and assemble the installable onos.tar.gz, which is located in the bazel-bin directory.

But I get the following error:

tar: apache-karaf-4.2.6/examples/karaf-war-example: Cannot change ownership to uid 1001, gid 1001: Invalid argument

I know some people resolved this in this page, and it has to do with CIFS: https://www.krenger.ch/blog/linux-tar-cannot-change-ownership-to-permission-denied/

They used the parameter --no-same-owner with the command tar

# tar xzf $INPUT_FOLDER/archive.tar.gz --no-same-owner -C /mnt/test-nas/[..]

The problem is, that in my case, tar is used by bazel, I'm not calling tar from the superuser, bazel is using tar and it fails. How can I fix this ?


Adding user/group to the system with the uid/gid might fix your problem. Rename foobar to bazel or whatever

Add group foobar with gid 1001

sudo groupadd -g 1001 foobar

Adding user foobar with uid 1001 without a home directory

sudo useradd -M -u 1001 -g 1001 foobar
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