My project is based on a Raspberry Pi distro - Raspbian. But I made changes to it. There are a lot of them: changes in config.txt, adding system services, installing new packages, change the image of the splash screen, etc. But every time when I need a new, "fresh" system I need to repeat all these changes. Are there some automated tools to perform this? Also, I want to supply these changes to my potential users, to make deployment of my changes easy on their side.


Since it's raspbian-based (which is basically a tweaked debian) the easiest way would be to build your own .deb package with, in the postinst script, will do the modification on the fresh system.

Then you only have to create your own .deb mirror (very easy as long as you have access to a webserver), add the mirror to your sources.list and apt-get install <your package>

If you want to do new modifications, then just release an update of your package and apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.


Your project could be anything - "all these changes" is what you have to define, automate and then make easy for users to run. A package also has to be defined (dependencies, scripts). You's have to offer it in different formats.

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