I'm trying to create tar archive and rename root dir in archive. E.g. I have these files:

$ tree ./repo
├── 1
├── 2
└── 3
0 directories, 3 files

I want to create an archive repo-v1.0.0.tar.gz with these file structure:

├── 1
├── 2
└── 3

Now I'm using ugly workaround:

mv "${repo}" ${repo}-${version}"
tar -cvzf "${repo}-${version}.tar.gz" "${repo}-${version}"
mv "${repo}-${version}" "${repo}"

Is it possible to rename root dir in the archive using tar command itself?


tar has a --transform option. You could call

tar --transform "s/repo/repo-v1.0.0/" -cvzf repo.tar.gz repo/

Tar will not rename, as far as I know. But you can do a simpler workaround using a symlink:

ln -s "${repo}" ${repo}-${version}"
tar --dereference -cvzf "${repo}-${version}.tar.gz" "${repo}-${version}"

You can then decide to keep the symlink or remove it.

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