My idea is to break some value to the seperated variable. Below is example that script failed to get output as needed. Any suggestion for the idea?

IFS="-" read -p I J K <<<$A

echo Lin number is $I
echo Michele Number is $J
echo Gina number is $K

my expected output is :

Lin number is 12
Michele number is 13
Gina number is 14
  • <<foo is a here-doc. You want a here-string: <<<. And you gave no prompt text after -p. – muru Oct 21 at 7:59
  • i put string <<< and get below output. still didn't get as expected: Lin number is <br/> Michele Number is 12 13 14 <br/> Gina number is <br/> – ruslyislam Oct 21 at 8:02
  • @ruslyislam edit your question to show the exact command you used. Don't put commands and their output in comments, the formatting just doesn't work – ilkkachu Oct 21 at 8:06
  • "And you gave no prompt text after -p" – muru Oct 21 at 8:22
  • can you explain more what is prompt text you mean? – ruslyislam Oct 21 at 8:32

You seem to possibly be using bash since you're using a "here-string" (<<<). Additionally, in some other shells, read -p will read from a coprocess, which means your code would produce different results from what you say in comments. So it's most likely bash.

The -p option to the read utility in bash takes an option-argument. This option-argument is a string that will be used as the interactive prompt when asking a user for a value. In your code, that prompt will be the string I, while the variables J and K will be assigned data by read from standard input (your string $A). This is why $I is an empty string when you echo it.

$ read -p 'Enter value: ' thing
Enter value: hello
$ printf '%s\n' "$thing"

I assume you meant to use something like -r instead of -p:

IFS='-' read -r I J K <<<"$A"

printf 'Lin number is %s\n'     "$I"
printf 'Michele Number is %s\n' "$J"
printf 'Gina number is %s\n'    "$K"

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