Attempting to launch an X server on another TTY from a terminal emulator within my current X session results in an error.

$ xinit /usr/bin/konsole -- :1 vt7
/usr/lib/xorg/Xorg.wrap: Only console users are allowed to run the X server

I know I can simply switch terminals, log in, and launch that way. However, I'd like to understand why that's required. Additionally, for convenience I'd strongly prefer to wrap this functionality up in a script that can be run from wherever.

The Xorg.wrap manpage explains what happens, but not why.

By default Xorg.wrap will only allow executing the real X server from login sessions on a physical console.

Another SE answer mentions security implications in passing, but doesn't elaborate.

If you are sure about the security implications (anyone can start the X-Server with root rights, which, since it has privileged hardware access and accesses a lot of files can open up a big security hole) ...

What exactly are the security implications of setting allowed_users = anybody in Xwrapper.config? Is this reasonably safe to do on an otherwise secure single user system?

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