Oh-my-zsh has a plugin option (plugins = (gcloud, ...)) which allows installing gcloud completions.

When I add "gcloud" to plugins, I expect that the completion will be sourced during shell initialization, but it doesn't work on NixOS (version 19.03).

How to install gcloud completions on NixOS with oh-my-zsh?


Instead of adding gcloud to programs.zsh.ohMyZsh.plugins, I found that I had to manually source the completion script. To do this:

Add pkgs.google-cloud-sdk to environment.systemPackages of your configuration.nix file, and then update the zshrc section:

programs.zsh.promptInit = ''
  export CLOUD_SDK_HOME="${pkgs.google-cloud-sdk}"
  source "$CLOUD_SDK_HOME/google-cloud-sdk/completion.zsh.inc"

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