I am running a standard Linux Mint 19.2 system. By all accounts every single default was chosen.

The main problem is that X Windows does not want to start automatically. I have a vague suspicion this happened after Apache was installed.

I can manually start X, by typing 'startx', but I would like the GUI to fire up automatically.

I've googled this problem to death and tried various remedies, but I'm not getting anywhere.

Is there a standard place that executes 'startx'?

Is there a log file that might show why it's not starting automatically?

Lot of people refer to 'mdm' but I don't even know if this applies to my system. Some of the things I've tried with mdm:

sudo apt-get remove mdm sudo apt-get install mdm sudo apt-get --reinstall install mdm sudo dpkg-reconfigure mdm

Some of the links I've followed:

Linux Mint won't bot to GUI automatically




A lot of the information is outdated or applies to non-standard setups.

  • What does journalctl tell you? Please insert a relevant error message to your post. Most likely, the display manager service file for systemd points to nowhere. – rexkogitans Oct 20 '19 at 20:02

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