My Machine dual boots windows 10 and Bunsenlabs. Hard drives are encrypted with VeraCrypt. The second Hard drive became read only now (one internal one external).


Windows created "$RECYCLE.BIN" and "System Volume Information" folders on both internal and external hard drives. usually I could just delete them under Linux. When I boot into Bunsenlabs and mount the internal hard drive in VeraCrypt, it is read/write. As soon as I touch a single file in those two folders, the drive goes read only. It also goes read only when I backup with backintime.

Things I tried:

  • chmod -R 777 as root
  • Thunar as root
  • mount in VeraCrypt under different path
  • disabled fast startup under windows and rebooted (Linux and Windows)
  • Use a command line tool under windows to delete "$RECYCLE.BIN" and "System Volume Information" folders, I cannot remember which one now

a) How can I make the drive permanently r/w again?

b) how can I get rid of "$RECYCLE.BIN" and "System Volume Information" folders?

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Today I thought I might as well try windows' own check and recovery tool (right click on hard drive --> tools). And what do you know, it did just that.

Problem solved.

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