Currently I am trying to build a more or less dynamic preseed. This means I am creating custom templates/question and depending on the answers I want to set specific "d-i" options. My environment is ubuntu/debian using the debian-installer.

These are executed using the following command: d-i preseed/early_command string wget -qO preseed_early_command.sh http://myurl/preseed/server/bionic/preseed_early_command.sh && sh preseed_early_command.sh

Depending on the language selection I am trying to set specific options using debconf-set and it looks like they are recognized but I am still getting language dialog after early_command finishes (tho all set values are set correctly following the questions asked)

if [ "$(debconf-get language-select/select)" = "German" ]; then
    debconf-set debian-installer/language "de"
    debconf-set debian-installer/country "DE"
    debconf-set debian-installer/locale "de_DE.UTF-8"
    debconf-set console-setup/ask_detect false
    debconf-set keyboard-configuration/layoutcode "de"
    debconf-set keyboard-configuration/variantcode "nodeadkeys"

How can I prevent the installer asking me the questions again despite being set? Is it even possible to manipulate the preseed in such a way I am trying to?

Depending on the machine type selection (i.e. Desktop / Headless) I would want to set the tasksel/pkgsel options. But these always fail with an error whether I am trying to run them directly or using debconf-set

if [ "$(debconf-get machine-type/select)" = "Ubuntu Desktop" ]; then
    debconf-set tasksel/first multiselect ubuntu-desktop
    debconf-set pkgsel/include openssh-server build-essential nano vim hardinfo htop remmina bash-completion dkms dialog
elif [ "$(debconf-get machine-type/select)" = "Ubuntu Headless" ]; then
    debconf-set tasksel/first multiselect standard
    debconf-set pkgsel/include "openssh-server nano vim htop bash-completion ntp"

How are the "pkgsel/tasksel" options being executed/evaluated? Tasksel doesn't seem to be availabe at this stage as busybox throws not found.

  • While both topics are loosely related, there are two separate questions asked here. Could the second question please be moved into a separate post? As stated in in the FAQ, asking multiple questions at once is problematic. – sampi Feb 1 at 22:53

This answer only attempts to cover the first of the two questions asked.

Within the debian-installer debconf-set is a short shellscript, which merely source confmodule(3) and calls db_set $1 $2. The more useful command is debconf-set-selections which, as can by understood from debconf-set-selections(1), takes a file in the same format as a preseed file as its argument. Supposedly it should also accept data on stdin, but I was unsuccessful getting that to work in the debian-installer environment.


d-i time/zone string Antarctica/Troll
debconf-get-selections "${VALUES}"

Also. It might be simpler merely using preseed/run with a script, than reconstructing the same functionality by using preseed/early_command.

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