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I was entering command to solve permissions denied. So i used nano made some edit in a file that I don't remember due to which everytime I open bash it displays ^X: command not found. Please help how to correct this?

  • FYI in the "hints" ^O, ^X etc. at the bottom of the nano editor screen, the ^ refers to the Ctrl key rather than a literal ^ Oct 12, 2019 at 10:34

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One of your shell's startup files contains a command that is not found. The error message indicates that the command is aliases.. Since this looks like the end of a sentence of text (not shell code) I'm assuming this is due to accidentally deleting a comment character (#) on some line in the file.

Have a look at either ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc or whatever other shell startup file that you have recently edited and look for the string aliases. in them, this may help you pinpoint the issue.

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