A lot of instructions that I find on here give instructions about how to install the latest version of R that either deliver an out of date version, or are very OS-dependent. I just bought a System76 computer using Pop_OS so I'm not sure which OS-contingent installation instructions I could adapt to my situation.

As I understanding just using the package manager, sudo apt-get install r-base delivers an out of date version that cannot install the ggplot2 package, so I can't solve my problem that way.

If I try to download from the main R site here, it has a configure and make file, but it requires a ton of dependencies and I struggle to know how to get them all. I've already chased down three dependencies but now on X11 I don't know how to get it. I'll start chasing that down in a minute, but with all of this "extracurricular" work, I'm wondering if maybe there is a better way to install this software. Is there something I can do to just ... install all relevant packages? Or is there something else I can download to try to install R in some other way, and yet still get the latest version?

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    Ok, the reason you are not getting much help, here, I think, is because we have trouble identifying the version of Pop! OS you are using, the version of R that you have installed and the version of ggplot2 you want. From what I see, System76 comes with Pop! OS 19.10, which should have R version 3.5.2 and packages.ubuntu.com/disco/all/r-cran-ggplot2/download wants 3.5.1 or higher. – thecarpy Oct 30 '19 at 13:02

Have a look at anaconda. I believe this would be very close to what you are looking



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