quite often I have to set the same password on new servers as it is on the old one, I can do it manually simple paste hash from the shadow, but I'd like to learn to do it automatically.

old machine A
new machine B

on new machine B exists users from A but also additional users which do not exist on A ( so shadow is not sorted, we can skip them of course )

is there a way via sed/awk to:

take hash from machine A , and replace exists users on new machine B where pwd is not set. (xxx:!:xxxx)

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awk 'BEGIN{ OFS=FS=":" }
  if (NR==FNR) {
  } else {
    if ($2 ~ /^!/ && $1 in pwd) $2=pwd[$1]
}' shadowA shadowB

When the first file shadowA is processed (NR==FNR), save the password hash in array pwd with the username as index.

When the second file shadowB is processed (else) and the second field starts with a ! (could be ! or !!) and the username is present in the password array ($1 in pwd), then update the value of the second field. After that print the current line of shadowB.

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