Is there a concise way to see which windows are attached in GNU screen?

I'm using screen to handle my terminals on a single session so I can easily switch between all open windows. Hence, I want my system to automatically re-attach to available windows. If none are available I want a new window to be created. My current setup (top of my .bashrc):

if [ "$TERM" != "screen" ]; then
    screen -r > /dev/null
    [ $? -eq 0 ] && exit
    screen -x -p + > /dev/null
    [ $? -eq 0 ] && exit
    exec screen

This mostly does what I want - reattaches to an available session if possible with an existing window, and if already attached creates a new window. The problem it will create windows for an attached session whether available windows exist or not.

I am missing something to check for available windows for an already attached session to use with

screen -x -p <number>

Since I could not find screen solutions I looked for some in Bash, and here I am stuck on catching a window on detach, and writing the $WINDOW to a file.

I am open for other management solutions as well.

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