Is it possible to unmount a partition table so I only see sda and not sda1 and sda2 in /dev?


I know a partition table is not mounted. But I did not find a better name for this.

I often use dd to overwrite a hard disk or an usb pen. But they often have some partitions on it. And after overwriting I can still see the old (no longer existing) partition table using lsblk.

I know it's possible to reread the partition table using partprobe.

But I wonder if it is possible to unmount the partition table before overwriting the usb pen. Because I don't want a programm to access a corrupt partition while overwriting with dd.

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You can use partx's -d option to tell the kernel to forget about partitions. For example, partx -d /dev/sda will make /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, ... go away (temporarily). They'll show up again next time the kernel is made to re-scan the partition table.

Another option is delpart: delpart /dev/sda 1; delpart /dev/sda 2 should do it (but the partx syntax is nicer).

A third option is to wipe the partition table first then let the kernel reread it; any partition table editor tool (e.g., sfdisk, gdisk, etc.) could be used, or wipefs (which will do partition tables, not just filesystems).

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