I am looking for a ZSH equivalent to this BASH construct:

for file in *.{abc,def,ghi}; do #loop through all files with the extensions .abc, .def and .ghi

I cannot find a similar construct for ZSH. Or perhaps there is none?

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    The above works for me in zsh; what problem are you encountering? – Jeff Schaller Oct 7 '19 at 12:04

Suppose that you have the following files: foo.abc, bar.abc, qux.ghi. In bash, the loop body is executed four times: with foo.abc, bar.abc, *.def (with a literal *) and qux.ghi. In zsh, with default options, the loop is not executed at all, instead you get the error

zsh:1: no matches found: *.def

To both avoid running the loop on an unexpanded wildcard pattern and do run the loop on the existing files (if any), add the N glob qualifier.

for file in *.{abc,def,ghi}(N); do …

You can also use the | operator, so that you have a single pattern instead of multiple patterns. (Braces aren't a wildcard pattern, they're just a literal string expansion that happens before wildcards are parsed, i.e. *.{abc,def,ghi}(N) is just shorthand for *.abc(N) *.def(N) *.ghi(N))

for file in *.(abc|def|ghi)(N); do …

Note that you still need the N glob qualifier, otherwise you'll get an error if no file matches.

Instead of using the N glob qualifier, you can turn on the null_glob option (setopt null_glob). This often makes sense in scripts. Note that in bash, you would need to activate the similar option (shopt -s nullglob) to avoid running the loop body on unexpanded patterns.

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