I'd like to see if there might be a workaround to install smtp-user-enum on macOS, or does it only have to be installed on Linux?

I'm copying the installation part of the documentation below, not sure how to install that on macOS though:

smtp-user-enum is just a stand alone PERL script, so installation is as simple as copying it to your path (e.g. /usr/local/bin). It has only been tested under Linux so far.

It depends on the following PERL modules which you may need to install first:

Socket IO::Handle IO::Select IO::Socket::INET Getopt::Std If you have PERL installed, you should be able to install the modules from CPAN:

# perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install Getopt::Std

I'd appreciate if someone that can install that on macOS would maybe answer it with how-tos?

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    I'm not sure what problem you have. You seem to understand how you can install perl modules yet you seem to have problems following instructions on which modules have to be installed. You ask if it there is a workaround to install it on MacOS yet the author did not even claim that it will not run on MacOS - all what he said was that it is only tested on Linux. – Steffen Ullrich Oct 4 at 20:11

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