For Securing my Apache Tomcat server on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS,

I wanted to set attribute deployXML = false, but I don't know in which xml file. In the tomcat folder, I have the files server.xml / context.xml / web.xml and tomcat-user.xml and a named folder Catalina with an empty localhost folder. In the Tomcat documentation, they describe the host attributes but I can't see where I should place my config.


The attribute is set in the <Host> container element of your server.xml.

Here is an snippet of the default server.xml with the added attribute:

<Host name="localhost" appBase="webapps"
    deployXML="false" unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true">

If the attribute is disabled, you will have to provide the (now disabled) /META-INF/context.xml of your webapp in the location defined by the xmlBase attribute.

On Debian, I had to to copy

cp /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ROOT/META-INF/context.xml /etc/tomcat8/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml

for the root webapp, otherwise the application won't start.


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