I have the directory /data/bin and in my home directory is symlink /home/myuser/bin -> /data/bin

I have set PATH into the /home/myuser/bin/ When /home/myuser/bin is the directory, the PATH works fine, when /home/myuser/bin is symlink PATH is not working. (Working means that I can run script in this path).

How to setup PATH for symlink?

The same in bash (5.0.7) and tcsh on the Fedora30.

bash example:

$ pwd
$ ls -ld bin
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 myuser myuser 17 22. zář 07.22 bin -> /data/LHData/bin/
$ echo $PATH
  • Does your user actually have access to /data/LHData/bin? – Kusalananda Oct 4 '19 at 8:09
  • Yes, when I add /data/LHData/bin into the PATH variable, PATH is working – perLHawk Oct 5 '19 at 11:35

The problem is solved. Explanation:

The /data disk is encrypted. When the computer is booted up, first I must open encrypted disc from the terminal. When the /data disk is open, the PATH not works even the /data/LHData/bin is readable now! I must run rehash or quit terminal and open again.

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