I am running Ubuntu 19.04, after installing virtualbox and rebooting, i noticed these non-descriptive lines in the /var/log/kern.log

Sep 30 16:36:34 a kernel: [  236.760271] test1
Sep 30 16:36:34 a kernel: [  236.760273] test2
Sep 30 16:41:07 a kernel: [  509.036723] test1
Sep 30 16:41:07 a kernel: [  509.036726] test2
Sep 30 16:41:25 a kernel: [  527.214838] test1
Sep 30 16:41:25 a kernel: [  527.214840] test2

What could they be?

Output of

sudo grep -wri kern /etc/*syslog*

/etc/rsyslog.d/20-ufw.conf:# normally containing kern.* messages (eg, /var/log/kern.log)
/etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf:kern.*                           -/var/log/kern.log


  • grep -wri kern /etc/*syslog* please. I'm expecting just one line; if there are more it's a sign of a possible problem. Commented Sep 30, 2019 at 15:16

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This has been taken from https://wiki.chotaire.net/vbox-test-warning-messages. Kudos to them. If it helps you, please consider visiting them and letting them know it was helpful.

The source code for Virtual Box 6.0.6 shows kernel print statements that have been accidentally left in the production release. If you're using rsyslog you can filter them out by adding two lines to /etc/rsyslog.conf - or create your own /etc/rsyslog.d/vbox.conf for easier administration (remember to comment there what you've done):

:msg, contains, "test1" stop
:msg, contains, "test2" stop

This has been fixed by Oracle and was released in VirtualBox Version 6.0.8.

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