Since some recent upgrades on my Debian system, I experience the mouse pointer disappearing in front of Gnome backgrounds, meaning the top-bar, the desktop and system window. As soon as the pointer is moved in front of a window of any application it appears again.

I did some research on this topic and did not find more then it might have to to with one of the following packages:

installed version: 1:1.9.3-1

and or:

installed version: 3.30.2-9

Some more system info:

  Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid
            Kernel: Linux 5.2.0-2-686-pae
      Architecture: x86
       GNOME shell: 3.30.2

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Use a different kernel version. It looks like 5.1 or 5.3 should be OK.


As a temporary workaround, when the cursor disappears, perform some action that changes the cursor. Some people use the screenshot shortcut. I press the windows key, and move the invisible cursor into/across the search text box. The cursor will then re-appear.


Be patient waiting for the above links to load. They appear to rely on client-side templating (sigh), and there are too many comments.

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