I'm using:

  • Debian bullseye with its MATE desktop environment

  • MATE caja 1.22.1

  • MATE Terminal 1.22.1

  • GNU nano, version 4.3

In nano, Redo is mapped to Meta+E. In Keyboard Preferences I have selected "German German (no dead keys)" and in the Keyboard Layout Options under Alt/Win key behaviour, I have selected Meta is mapped to Left Win.

When I press Alt+E in a nano running in a MATE Terminal, it opens the Edit menu of the terminal window. When I press Meta+E (that is, the left logo key and E) anywhere, Caja is opened to the home directory.

I have not found any way to disable either of these shortcuts to enable me to use nano's Undo function. In PreferencesKeyboard Shortcuts, the Meta+E shortcut (or Super, or Win, or Logo) is not listed. In MATE Terminal's EditKeyboard Shortcuts... the Alt+E shortcut is not listed.

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Esc+E works. According to the nano online help:

Meta-key sequences are notated with 'M-' and can be entered using either the Alt, Cmd, or Esc key, depending on your keyboard setup.

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