I'm trying to accomplish a very simple goal. I'm just simply trying to sync two directories together and not having much success. I'm using the following command

rsync -avR /path/to/source/folder /path/to/destination/folder

It shows a lot of stuff in the output when I run this command (no errors), but when I go to check a file from the destination folder that I've changed in the source, the contents are still old.

Any ideas why this may be happening?


Since you use the -R (--relative) option the source directory hierarchy would be written to /path/to/destination/folder/path/to/source/folder.

To make /path/to/destination/folder a copy of /path/to/source/folder, use

rsync -av /path/to/source/folder/ /path/to/destination/folder

Note that I removed the -R option and that I also added a / to the end of the source path. Without the / at the end of the source path, the source directory would have been copied as /path/to/destination/folder/folder.

Add --delete to the command if you wish to remove files not existing in the source path. (When experimenting, always use copies of data, or data that is properly backed up!)

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