Because some video would not be played in the Mint 19.2 default version of mpv, I have fixed that by updating to a newer version from PPA, as said here.

In the default version I was able to configure the on screen display so that it showed the older default mpv GUI

enter image description here

instead of the new default one

enter image description here

by editing a line in the file ~/.config/mpv/lua-settings/osc.conf:


As indicated here.

Now that would not work.

At the new version PPA page I read that

Osc config options now go into ~/.mpv/lua-settings/osc.config refer to manpage or pdf in /usr/share/doc/mpv

But that didn't work.

Looking up that pdf, it seems to me it contains the same info as here:

The OSC offers limited configuration through a config file script-opts/osc.conf placed in mpv's user dir and through the --script-opts command-line option. Options provided through the command-line will override those from the config file.

It seems to me that is not specific to the new version; it was referring already to the older versions of mpv that I used; I never followed that setting (is it /.mpv/script-opts/osc.conf?) with the default version, but as said above ~/.config/mpv/lua-settings/osc.conf (following instructions here). None of those work with my new version though.

So, I have tried without success to make those settings in

  • ~/.mpv/lua-settings/osc.config (as said at new version's PPA page)

  • ~/.config/mpv/lua-settings/osc.conf (which worked with the default version)

  • /.mpv/script-opts/osc.conf (if I have understood correctly the phrase " script-opts/osc.conf placed in mpv's user dir").

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Short answer: the correct file is ~/.config/mpv/script-opts/osc.conf. Some options are deprecated, e.g. seekbarstyle=slider.

Using the file ~/.config/mpv/lua-settings/osc.conf (which worked in older version) and running mpv in terminal, I see:

[osc] lua-settings/ is deprecated, use directory script-opts/ 
[osc] Invalid setting "slider" for seerekbarstyle 

So, the needed file is ~/.config/mpv/script-opts/osc.conf.

As said here,


Default: bar

Sets the style of the playback position marker and overall shape of the seekbar: bar, diamond or knob.

The old setting was slider. The only available options are now bar, diamond or knob. (https://mpv.io/manual/master/#config-syntax)

The same options work in a command:

mpv --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui --script-opts=osc-layout=box,osc-seekbarstyle=bar,osc-deadzonesize=0,osc-minmousemove=3 /path/to/mediafile

One could edit the /usr/share/applications/mpv.desktop file or create a new one ~/.local/share/applications/mpv.desktop with the line

Exec=mpv --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui --script-opts=osc-layout=box,osc-seekbarstyle=bar,osc-deadzonesize=0,osc-minmousemove=3-- %U


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