Is there a way I can stop a systemd start-job that is configured without no limit?

I am not asking where I can reconfigure the limit - I want to stop while it is waiting for it.

I do not have another console to enter the system. If I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del then the jobs went to shutdown.

I just want to stop the waiting for this unlimited job that has a problem at startup.


Probably not possible (for security reasons) to stop a systemd start-job while booting. From this post:

Q: how can you have control whilst booting? IIRC my keyboard ctrl+c break attempts do not work.

A: Well, you cannot, for security reasons... We cannot allow altering the boot process just from the screen without authentication...

If you run "systemctl enable debug-shell" you can turn on a debug shell on tty9 that runs continously from earliest boot on. But that of course can only be done on the previous boot.

As mentioned in above thread it might be possible to use a debug shell (if it is already enabled), but this is only recommended for debugging and not for permanent use. From the systemd documentation:

Early Debug Shell

You can enable shell access to be available very early in the startup process to fall back on and diagnose systemd related boot up issues with various systemctl commands. Enable it using:

systemctl enable debug-shell.service

or by specifying


on the kernel command line.

Tip: If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot use systemctl to communicate with a running systemd (e.g. when setting this up from a different booted system), you can avoid communication with the manager by specifying --root=:

systemctl --root=/ enable debug-shell.service

Once enabled, the next time you boot you will be able to switch to tty9 using CTRL+ALT+F9 and have a root shell there available from an early point in the booting process. You can use the shell for checking the status of services, reading logs, looking for stuck jobs with systemctl list-jobs, etc.

Warning: Use this shell only for debugging! Do not forget to disable systemd-debug-shell.service after you've finished debugging your boot problems. Leaving the root shell always available would be a security risk.

It is also possible to alias kbrequest.target to debug-shell.service to start the debug shell on demand. This has the same security implications, but avoids running the shell always.

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