When I try to launch command from "Run command" shortcut, sometimes I face this kind of situation as the following image.

I don't understand why, but the region that "Run command" bar comes out keeps showing the cropped background screen and I cannot remove it even if I finish using the shortcut.... super annoying!

I restarted KDE plasma 5 as the following link, but it didn't help.


I would like to know how to restart the "Run command" shortcut, and erase this annoying background screenshot.


enter image description here


The "run command" part is called krunner.

The easiest way I can come up with is to kill the process (killall krunner/ps x->kill <pid>) and then restart it with e.g. nohup krunner & from a terminal.

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  • Thanks, perfect solution! – eng27 Sep 27 '19 at 7:18
  • Worked for me. killall krunner. I didn't even have to start it manually. The next time I pressed Alt-Space it ran again with the settings changes I had added to ~/.config/krunnerrc – Vince Sep 5 at 1:49

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