ON my linux mint 19.2 machine, I am trying to set up Selinux. But when i install selinux package, it removes grub-efi. When I try to reinstall grub-efi, it removes selinux

Does this mean selinux is not compatible with computers that boot in UEFI mode?

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No. These technologies are unrelated and shouldn't logically interact. There is a dependency in the package for selinux on grub-pc which is incompatible with grub-efi. This is probably because enabling selinux requires adding it to the kernel options in the grub config and the package maintainer just added grub-pc to get that dependency. It is Ubuntu bug 1047099

  • Luckily my PC still boots without grub-efi installed though I did disable secure boot. Can't get Linux mint to boot without selinux=0 anyhow
    – unixandria
    Sep 27, 2019 at 16:20

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