Suppose I have a makefile that builds my package, and I only want the package to build if the package file is not present:

package: foo_0.0.0_amd64.deb
  cd foo-0.0.0 && debuild -uc -us

So I am new to the debian build process, but I am anticipating that I'll either find a way to build for different architectures, or I'll be on a different architecture natively and that file name will change. So, I set it as a variable:

package: foo_${major}.${minor}.${update}_${release}.deb

I have a machine where uname -r yields #.##.#-#-amd64. What is the bulletproof way to fetch that amd64 in unix/linux?


On a Debian-based system, the bullet-proof way of determining the architecture, as appropriate for use in a package’s file name, is

dpkg --print-architecture

Note that architecture-independent packages use all there, and you’d have to know that in advance.

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