I read that many touchpad "gestures" are supported by touchpad drivers, like 'scrolling', 'swiping', 'palming', 'circular whatever', etc. But I can't figure out a keyword refering to the one gesture I used to love back in my Windows days with Synaptics.

With my good ol' XPS, I could "throw" the mouse pointer with a quick finger swipe in any direction. Instead of moving in this direction, then stopping when my finger went off the pad, the cursor would move in this direction, then keep going in this direction at a steady pace until I "tapped" the pad again to stop it.

This way, I was able to cast my pointer from one side of the screen to the other without having to swipe several times. Two options could be tweaked:

  • speed of the autonomous motion once 'cast'
  • if not stopped by a tap, would the cursor bump on the edge of the screen or the edge of current window.

What's a common name for this touchpad-mouse-cursor feature? Is it still supported by some drivers? How can I enjoy it again?

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