Hope i can get some help here, or at least shed some light.

Setup is : HP Proliant 360 gen6, with 2 nic, one is onboard 1gbit the other is HP522 10gbit NIC. I can see the 10gbit NIC gets an IP from our DHCP on server boot, but on install HP522 is not present. Post install, cant get it working. It does show up in lspci but not in ip link show. Tried Elrepo and recompile the kernel, with no luck.

What i've done: Boot trough proliants ILO2 a minimal centos 7 image. ive tried from 6.8 to 7.6 with same result, most of it its hanging then i have to kill it by reboot and start over (could be related to jumbo frame issues since ILO is droping higher than 1500 asread on some other ILO docs). Im serving iso image as vm cdrom insert from local network trough a working ILO port. This part is working, machine boots, i can do install with removing quiet and adding nomodeset so i can go trough the installer.

I have internet acces on the 1gbit NIC builtin interface but HP522 is not available (status unclaimed).

As for drivers issue, i have 6 those cards working on diferent xeons setups just fine on same Centos (altough not minimal), also i have not tried pushing it trough USB, cos im not physicaly there (will be next week). Have done modprobing, lsmoding, i see bnx2/bnx drivers loaded and unloaded, hunch there is a problem but i dont get it.

Have checked the other machines, with same nic dev id and they work just fine, have not had this issue there (i did install over USB iso, could be the culprit).

What im looking now is to to a clean USB install maybe ILO have some issues.

If anyone have some insight about this, please share! Thanks a lot.

Let me know what output you would like to know, and ill add it to my question. thanks!

EDIT1: Managed to boot from Centos7 Usb everything distro. Installer did just fine with no config line edits or adding nomodeset. Still, NIC didint show up in the network part of the installer. Just the builtin one.

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