There are many times when I'd like to have a certain daemons run when a user logs in and killed when a user logs out. I'd like these daemons to be restarted if the daemon exits unexpectedly and I'd like a handy way to view the daemon status and what not. I want the daemon process to be owned by the user.

Basically, I want systemd and systemctl, but for sessions and not for the system. Is there such a thing? I'd imagine this is already part of systemd, but I haven't found anything regarding it. Usually folks recommend adding services to ~/.profile, but this seems like a really poor init system.

  • Have you checked the documentation? There is a user mode which I believe is for just what you describe. – Wildcard Sep 21 at 16:23

Yes, systemd has a user service manager which takes care of user-scoped services. You can control it using the same systemctl commands you’d apply to system services, but with an extra --user option.

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