This is a Dell system with Intel HD4600 onboard graphics. It has 2 physical DisplayPorts and a single physical VGA port; it has NO physical HDMI ports.

As part of trying to set up a 4K TV, I noticed that having used a Displayport/HDMI cable/converter, xrandr claims that HDMI-1 is connected but DP-1 is disconnected. Should I be using xrandr to disable HDMI-1 and enable DP-1 or is this just how things work when using a DisplayPort/HDMI adapter?

BTW, "if it ain't broke..." doesn't apply here as I've not yet managed to get 4k out of this system :-(.


The answer is that because the TV only has an HDMI input, the DisplayPort adapter falls back to HDMI mode and creates a virtual 'HDMI' port to reflect this.

The answer to my 4k issue was also that the graphics chipset only supports 4k/24Hz (not 4k/50Hz or 4k/60Hz); the key piece of info is that in HDMI mode the chipset only supports HDMI 1.4 which cannnot support the higher refresh rates.

Using cvt and xrandr to create/set a 4k/24Hz set up worked a treat.

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