I am trying to use jq to join the values inside a JSON array into a single line comma separated list. (Without trailing comma)

  "hardware": [

To create "abc, def, ghi"

I can join values together using

jq -jr '(.hardware[])' input.json


I have tried to insert comma and space but cannot work

jq -jr '(.hardware[]|join(", ")' 

jq: error: syntax error, unexpected $end (Unix shell quoting issues?) at <top-level>, line 1:

(.hardware[]|join(", ")

Could someone point me to the correct syntax to use?




You are looking for

jq -r '.hardware | join(", ")'

The syntax error from the version you posted is because the opening ( doesn't have a matching ), but in any case join needs to be given all the values at once, so .hardware is better than .hardware[] (which will pass them through one at a time).


Your jq expression contains unbalanced parentheses. The join() function also needs an array, not individual values (use .hardware | join(", ") rather than .hardware[] | join(", ")).

If you want properly formatted CSV output, you could use the expression .hardware | @csv:

$ jq -r '.hardware | @csv' file.json

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