Having spent most of my time on Linux boxes over the years, I found myself inadvertently changing the name of a Solaris 10 zone by issuing a hostname -f command. In Linux, this is "show me the host name with domain", however on Solaris it simply changes the host name to -f.

I realised my mistake and changed the name back a few minutes later. It seems that now however, none of the automount shares are working.

Specifically, this client should be automounting /home directories and some other exports under /net/otherserver. Whenever I now try to access (and therefore automount) /home/ian or /net/otherserver/opt my shell simply hangs and I need to break out with Ctrl-C.

I've restarted automountd and nfs on the client and I've performed a clear_locks on the server. I can successfully mount the NFS exports to arbitrary locations on the client, apart from the default automount locations.

Is there any way to get automountd working again without rebooting either system?

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