I’m trying to get something like ls **/*!(test).rb to expand to all ruby files which do not end with “test”. However, everything I tried so far didn’t help. I tried turning on ZSH’s expanded globbing option, but no luck.

I know could just do something like ls -l **/*.rb | grep -v test but I’d really like to do it with globbing only


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setopt extended_glob; ls -d -- **/(^*test).rb


setopt ksh_glob; ls -d -- **/!(*test).rb

The different form from your version (*!(test).rb) will also match foo-test.rb, because the * matches the foo-test part of the filename, and the !(test) negation matches the empty string.

The "ksh-glob" form also works in bash, with shopt -s globstar extglob:

#! /bin/bash
shopt -s globstar extglob
ls -d -- **/!(*test).rb

Notice that in bash there should be a newline between shopt -s extglob and the use of an extended pattern, and the two may not be part of the same compound command or function.

  • The first one just matched everything like **/* would but the ksh version worked perfectly! Thank you so much :) Sep 15, 2019 at 15:12
  • what version of zsh are you using? could try a simpler testcase like this: zsh -c 'mkdir -p /tmp/a/b/c/d && cd /tmp/a && touch b/{{f,f-test}.rb,c/{f,f-test}.rb} && setopt extended_glob && ls **/(^*test).rb'
    – mosvy
    Sep 15, 2019 at 15:24

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