I'm Ubuntu user and i'd like to install windows and get directly access to gpu (NVidia 1060 6 Gb) to unity 3D and gaming, i've read a lot of information about this possibility on internet but i didn't find something usefull.

I've tried to use virtualbox - in virtualbox it's impossible to to something like that, i've installed vmware pro during creation vm i shared 3GB of GPU, but it still virtual and i have some freezes and problems with it.

May be i should use another software for virtualization or i just haven't full image of it. I'll be very thankfull for information.


You can do this in VirtualBox with the Guest Additions installed. It requires a processor with virtualization instructions and the instructions enabled in BIOS.

In the VirtualBox manager, adjust the settings of your VM by going to SettingsDisplayScreen and ticking the following checkboxes:

  • ☑ Enable 3D Acceleration
  • ☑ Enable 2D Acceleration

For details and limitations, see these sections of the VirtualBox manual:

If you still have trouble, you might want to consult nVidia's Virtual GPU Software User Guide.

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