After Upgrading my Debian Stable to the Buster version, the alt+up keyboard shortcut (doing cd ..) doesn't work any more. Both Alt+Left (Back) and Alt+Right (Forward) work fine.

I'm using Awesome WM and I haven't set Alt+Up as a customized key binding.

(PCManFM version 1.3.1)


You can use BACKSPACE (while waiting for the next release); see the Manjaro forum posts here and here where it's said:

Some further investigation/troubleshooting: I applied the patch submitted by user Michael Weghorn in the bug report and the key bindings were working after that. The patch has been merged to the source code, so hopefully the issue will be resolved in the next release.

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    Despite the downvotes (why?) I can confirm that in my Debian 10.2+LXDE system ALT UP doesn't work but BACKSPACE does. – Antonio Rizzo Dec 18 '19 at 14:41
  • Same here for me (funtoo / i3), this is very frustrating. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. – Walter Feb 6 at 19:34

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