I have a file test.txt as below:



I want to update the value of 4th columns based on the value of 3rd column. If the value of 4th column is N replace the 3rd column value with NA and if the value of 4th column is Y then replace the 3rd column with UPDATE.

Output should be as below:


awk -F ';;;;' -v 'OFS=;;;;' '$4 == "Y" { $3 = "UPDATE" } $4 == "N" { $3 = "NA" } { print; }' test.txt

with test.txt as specified in the question prints


As stated in the question I assume you really have only 4 columns separated by ;;;; (4 semicolons), not 13 columns separated by ; (single semicolon). So this script will not work if you have lines with additional data between the groups of 4 ;.


-F ';;;;' set input field separator
-v 'OFS=;;;;' set output field separator
$4 == "Y" condition: if field 4 is Y
{ $3 = "UPDATE" } action: modify field 3
the same for N and NA
{ print; } unconditional action: print (resulting) line


With awk, first set the input n output field separators, then look for that record in the input data that has a y or an n only, then do the changes, and finally print to stdout.

$ awk -F';;;;' '
    $4 ~ /^[NY]$/{$3 = ($4 == "N") ? "NA" : "UPDATE"}1
' file

Another approach can be:

$ awk -F';;;;' 'BEGIN{OFS=FS;a["N"]="NA";a["Y"]="UPDATE"}
  $4 ~ /^[NY]$/{$3 = a[$4]}1' file

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