I'm trying to figure out how to remove a file from a bootable ISO on Debian Buster. Problem is: all the answers I can find via Google (no doubt there's more that don't show and this'll instantly be duplicate of a question whose answer yet again breaks the bootability of the ISO) break the bootability. This is a DOS bootable ISO, and I need to delete a file on the root of the ISO. mkisofs is out of the question as it's got info in the MBR I need to preserve, and mkisofs seems to have 0 ways to preserve the MBR. I've also tried ISO Master, which also breaks it. Any ways to delete this file from the ISO without breaking everything?

  • That installs a new MBR, and doesn't preserve the original. I need to preserve the original. – Parzival Wolfram Sep 13 at 13:36

Figured it out. Something like ISO Master would work, and you can copy over the old ISO's MBR by doing

dd if=<original file> of=<modified file> bs=2k count=20

This copies the first few sectors of the old ISO on top of the new one, replacing the generated MBR with the old one.

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