I'm trying to circumvent the absence of desktop shortcuts in Gnome by running the script from GUI through an explicitly launched instance of konsole:


set -x
konsole --hold -e echo test

When I test this in terminal, the command is printed in the window I launched the script from:

[zorath@localhost sav]$  ./test.sh 
+ konsole --hold -e echo test

When I launch it from GUI, the '+' line is swallowed. Is there a trick to have the command printed in the new window, along with the script output?


Instead of running echo test in the shell started by konsole, start a shell with tracing turned on, and run echo test in that:

konsole --hold -e sh -x -c 'echo test'

Depending on how konsole handles the argument to -e (I don't have konsole installed to test), you may have to use

konsole --hold -e "sh -x -c 'echo test'"
  • Looks like konsole handles it exactly the way you expected. Command echo is visible now. Thanks, man. – sigil Sep 14 at 13:53

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