I do not have much experience in Linux and would like some insight into whether there is a possibility to change a variable within a script before it is automatically started through a Cron Job.

For example, that the variable VORDATE="04%2F15%2F2019" would be changed (automatically) to one week prior to today, present in the variable CURRENTDATE="09%2F09%2F2019".

Thank you!

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    Is your variable inside the script that you want to run in cron? would you explain more about your script? – Rasool Ziafaty Sep 12 at 10:30
  • Yes, inside. It is a download script, so it downloads data from week to week :) – Bruna B Sep 12 at 11:40

I assume your cron job is going to run a bash script. Your script could use the date command to specify a relative date.

A week in the past

VORDATE=$(date -d "7 days ago")

A week in the future

VORDATE=$(date -d "7 days")

man date for more information.

edit: Howto format output

You can format the output by adding a format string by using the + option, the %<codes> are described in the manual page, to add a literal % use %% here's an example with spaces to aid reading.

$ date -d "7 days ago" +"%m %%2f %d %%2f %Y"
09 %2f 19 %2f 2019
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    should that be -d "7 days ago" ? – user4556274 Sep 12 at 10:00
  • Oops, I thought @Bruna B wanted a week ahead, yes adding ago is last week, I'll update the answer. – X Tian Sep 12 at 10:20
  • Thank you very much @XTian I will try this way :)) – Bruna B Sep 12 at 11:41
  • @XTian hi, just one more question... it is possible to format the output date? Because it is part of a url, which means I need the 08%2F17%2F2019 format. – Bruna B Sep 12 at 13:00

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