I'm running an embedded Linux (Dreadnaught), and I'd like to be able to manually enter a line into the syslog as the user login, and have the result of other commands stored in the syslog. e.g.:

echo ======== Setting chat and Options for Insys >>/var/log/messages
cat /etc/ppp/options >> /var/log/messages

Syslog is initiated in /etc/inittab:

::respawn:/sbin/syslogd -n -s 200 -b 2 -S -m0

I have some alias' to perform common tasks, and I'd like syslog to be updated when they are run:

alias Insys='echo =================== Setting chat and Options for Insys >> /var/log/messages; cp /var/config/tw_con_Insys.lge /var/config/tw_con.lge; cp /etc/ppp/peers/tw_options_Insys /etc/ppp/peers/tw_options; con; echo =================== Complete >> /var/log/messages'
alias setup='echo =================== options ===================; echo ""; echo ""; cat /etc/ppp/options; echo ""; echo ""; echo =================== chat ===================; echo ""; echo ""; cat /var/config/tw_con.lge; echo ""; echo ============================================;'

The setup command writes to the terminal, I would like it to write to the syslog instead, i.e. setup>>/var/log/messages.

The problem is that /var/log/messages is owned by root, not user. I can manually run

 su -c 'chmod 777 /var/log/messages'

, it prompts me for the root pwd, then after this I can run my shortcuts and they work. However, each time the log rolls over to messages.0 and a new messages is created, I've lost the privs and have to run it again.

I tried to create an alias for this chmod so I can run it before I run my custom scripts:

alias userlog='su -c ''chmod 777 /var/log/messages'''

The alias is accepted, but doesn't run.

[user@Dreadnaught_TEP1 etc]$ userlog
su: unknown user 777

Thanks for your help!

  • Don't use >> to append to the file, use the actual syslog command. man syslog should tell you more. – Panki Sep 11 '19 at 14:05
  • There isn't a syslog command in this build, and syslogd doesn't appear to let me use it as a conduit:`[user@Dreadnaught_TEP1 /sbin]$ echo "============test" |syslogd' did nothing. – Scott Sep 11 '19 at 14:44
  • ' [user@Dreadnaught_TEP1 /sbin]$ syslogd -? syslogd: invalid option -- '?' BusyBox v1.17.1 (2018-03-05 11:01:55 AEST) multi-call binary. Usage: syslogd [OPTIONS] System logging utility. This version of syslogd ignores /etc/syslog.conf ' – Scott Sep 11 '19 at 14:45
  • 'Options: -n Run in foreground -O FILE Log to given file (default:/var/log/messages) -l N Set local log level -S Smaller logging output -s SIZE Max size (KB) before rotate (default:200KB, 0=off) -b N N rotated logs to keep (default:1, max=99, 0=purge) -R HOST[:PORT] Log to IP or hostname on PORT (default PORT=514/UDP) -L Log locally and via network (default is network only if -R) -D Drop duplicates – Scott Sep 11 '19 at 14:45
  • 1
    I'm not sure what to do about your alias command, since it appears to have an odd number of single quotes. But it might be better to use the logger command. – Mark Plotnick Sep 11 '19 at 21:56

Solved thanks to @MarkPlotnick! the logger command does what I need, no need for chmod or anything like that.

alias Insys='logger =================== Setting chat and Options for Insys ;      cp /var/config/tw_con_Insys.lge /var/config/tw_con.lge;     cp /etc/ppp/peers/tw_options_Insys /etc/ppp/peers/tw_options;     con; logger =================== Complete; setup '
alias setup='logger =================== options ===================; cat /etc/ppp/options | logger; logger =================== chat ===================;  cat /var/config/tw_con.lge | logger; logger ============================================'
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