I am trying to send log message to my virtual machine from work station. Command :

logger -n Test

After this command nothing shows up in /var/log/messages of VM, or work station. No error, no log message, nothing.

Ping or SSH on address works fine. Does anybody know what could be wrong? Thanks a lot.

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    is the syslog daemon on configured to accept udp and/or tcp syslog packets from your VM's IP address? Accept network log packets is disabled by default in most (all?) syslog daemons. – cas Sep 11 at 10:45
  • if you do enable it, you should block incoming tcp & udp port 514 at your firewall. and/or block that port on the syslog host from all machines except those you explicitly want to be able to log stuff. – cas Sep 11 at 10:47

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